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A total solution adapted to your activities.

With our software it is possible to place all your business processes in one software solution.

All-in-one solution

You can also opt for one or more specific modules. Or would you prefer to start with a module to expand later with other modules? It's all possible with our software!

Always up to date

Our software is for and by the industry. Functionalities are developed and shared throughout the industry. As a result, the software is always up-to-date, even years after the implementation.

Fixed time, fixed price

Our software is fully tailored to logistics service providers and contains all the functionalities you need. So you no longer need customization, because the standard solution for the industry contains all the functionality that you need.

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Do you want a combination of on-premise and cloud? Part of the software locally and the rest online? Or switch from on-premise to cloud (or vice versa) later? Each of these options is possible; the choice is yours.

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Our customers

Thanks to the flexibility of the program, we have succeeded in building a flow where we no longer need any paper. This new process is not only good for more order at the office, it gives us flexibility in managing warehouse managers at the various locations and it is better for the environment.

Jan Beuls - Transport Lux

It’s self-evident that the knowledge acquired from other cold store businesses has been incorporated well into the standard solution. The solution offers more than we actually asked for.

Anton Mauritz, Van Soest Coldstores

The solution contains out of the box the essential functionalities to support our processes and to meet the wishes of our customers. It scores best on functionality, user-friendliness, flexibility, architecture and continuous development.

Jolin Dophemont - Frigologix

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