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Business Central Wave 3: get a sneak peak of the new look & feel

19 Mar 2020

2 min read

This spring, we start with the updates to the new version of Business Central. Also known as ‘release wave 3 for Dynamics 365 Business Central’. What changes due to this update and at least as important: what does the new interface look like?

The new web client

A Microsoft Dynamics webclient is nothing new. Since 2012, when releasing NAV 2013, Microsoft already launched a web client. From that moment on, Microsoft used the time to optimize the web client and preparing for a complete transition to the cloud. Thanks to the new features, an easy process for updates and a user-friendly look-and-feel, the web client is gaining more and more advantages over the windows client. In addition to that, overall work in society is shifting towards a more mobile and more flexible work environment. Working from home, no problem. Quickly checking the latest status of an order when you’re out of the office? Of course. These trends are making a necessity of the means to do this. Therefore, it makes sense that Microsoft has chosen this transition right now.

User-friendly look-and-feel

Users that have been using NAV for years will have to get used to the new Business Central web client. However, when using the web client they will immediately see that it is much calmer, more structured and more user-friendly.

Interested in what the new release looks like? We highlighted some new features which were not supported by any previous webclient.

New Features

Besides the new look-and-feel, the new client brings new features that were not supported in earlier clients. For example, it is possible to work in multiple tabs at the same time or to add fields yourself.

Furthermore, you can personalize the role center.

You can also personalize the web client by adjusting column width for example.

Next, you can inspect certain pages looking “underwater”.

Curious about the new possibilities of the release? Keep track of the latest functionalities in our blogs.

Videos presented above are shared by our partner Boltrics.


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